The Winery
Vienna - Strebersdorf, surrounded by vineyards overlooking Bisamberg, Own parking lot
"Old taproom":
150 places (4, 6, 10 tables and lodges)
Winter Garden:
130 places (splittable, 2x30 courts, 1x70 places) fireplace, country oven, stage with piano, glass roof and panoramic windows make this room suitable for parties of all kinds
Tasting Room:

20 places Art Nouveau-furnishings with elegant fireplace, ideal for your little celebration
Children Room
Suitable for children from 4 to 20 and older
Natural lawn garden surrounded by vineyards overlooking Bisamberg.
Shady walnut trees and a pergola provide natural shade, about 360 places and a playground.
8.0 acres on the south side of Bisamberg - the wine region of Vienna